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Custom Spell Work- Jar work

Custom Spell Work- Jar work

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We create a beautiful custome spell jar with all the intentions and desires you want in each one!

You can choose to have us work any POSITIVE JARS before sending out to you. You have so many choices with these! Read the bottom for all your choices and where to go if you want the bells and whistles of our extra services

These cost extra,SPELL JAR combo

•Love Jar
•Money Jar
•Success Jar
•Happy Marriage Jar
• Self Love/Peaceful life Jar

SMALLER TRAVEL bottle combo available FOR WORK, CAR, ON THE GO . dropper in case you want to use it instead for spell work.  These include all oils and MORE.

Email us @  thezenfulcustomersales@gmail.com

-The petition you want, in exact words. 


-If you want to mail me personal items to go inside

(We accept DNA that is packed a certain way pernour intructions)

If you want to leave it unsealed

[if you do not send this email in 24 hours from purchase,  your jar will be an intuitively made jar and will be sent out for your name. A copy of the petition  will be emailed to you.]


Baleful and Breakup jars do not have intentions or my energy put in them they will not have a petition or be permanently sealed. This is so you can open and place intentions personal items and petition inside. You will activate and put your energy. Instructions are available 


We will work it and send you a private YouTube video of it. Only would can view it. We then mail it to you or you can choose to let us keep working the smaller jar on your behalf. They will stay on our alter and be taken down weekly for extea working and energy.tou will also get short video clips of this as well. These are meant to connect with your energy. So you should be workimg yours at home as well. 

These cost extra

To leave on our alter there is an offering of $10 a month

To have us work it, there is a cost of $10 a week this will always come with a short clip sent to you privately via YouTube for you

They can stay as long or as little as you choose. This will work much faster if you are also working the other jar at the same time.

You can choose to have us mail it to you when done or dispose of it in water. This cost is included in "shipping" at the time of purchase. 


Once you have added your spell jar to your cart, please click below if you want extea services with you work




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