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Personal Birth Chart

Personal Birth Chart

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Free Birth Chart Calculator! 

Your Birth Chart is a blueprint to your life. The stars aligned in a certain way that created the way you live, the way you earn money, the way you entertain, patent, show anger, how popular or what a homebody you are. Family, Relationships, Money, Career, Trauma, Sex, Healing, and Purpose!

Everything about you is all in your birth chart. Makes a perfect gift for the astrology lover in your life!

You hardback copy. 

Make sure you get one for your significant other and children too!


This is something created for you. This is not copy and pasted. It is looked at by an Astrology Expert and made for your specifically

In order to create this, please email the following to

Full Name


Place of Birth

Date of Birth

Time of Birth- If known... look on birth certificate- Without this there will be less information


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