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Cherry Quarts Bracelet

Cherry Quarts Bracelet

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Cherry Quartz Bracelet 


Cherry Quartz will help you realize that life is too short to be wasted holding on to negative and hurtful emotions.

Cherry Quartz opens the Heart Chakra, however, it also stimulates All Chakras.

This beautiful crystal expands the energy of your Heart Chakra, empowering you with a higher capacity to give and receive unconditional love.

Cherry Quartz enhances your spiritual awareness. It balances and strengthens your connection between the body and aura.

Wear this to sleep and it enhances the vividness of your dreams. It will also strengthen communication with your spirit guides, and amplify psychic abilities.

It opens you up to receiving light, love, and positivity from the Universe.

Great for personal and professional success, it will give you the confidence and courage to accomplish all your goals.

Cherry Quartz is a stone of focus and determination, energizing your body, mind, and spirit. It brings emotional balance, hope, and love. It is thought to be beneficial for anxiety, jealousy, and fear.


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