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Black Walnut Spiritual Bath for Cord Cutting

Black Walnut Spiritual Bath for Cord Cutting

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Black Walnut Spiritual Bath


 ***This is NOT the one made on the Lunar Eclipse ***

This is sent to you with instructions on how to make the bath

Stop the pain of a toxic relationship or painful break up for good

Quick and effective cord cutting used for centuries in many cultures 

Remove all feeling of love and connection with this bath

Cut ties not only in this lifetime, but the next as well

This cord-cutting spiritual bath will assist you by cutting unwanted cords so that you can regenerate all the energy that had been lost, refresh, regroup, and open yourself up to true love. 

Directions: Take a shower and wash your body. Once clean, Light a white tea light candle and pray or affirm the cords you wish to have be broken. Fill half your tub with water, pour bath walnut mixture into it and stir counterclockwise nine times stating again, your desired outcome. Fully submerge yourself into the water nine times, while speaking declarations that release unhealthy attachments. Visualize removing the cord from your target. Air-dry. 

Wash bathtub out with bleach as soon as you are dried because it can stain

Note: It’s highly recommended that you do divination to make sure this is the route for you to go. Don’t use this mixture unless you’re 100% sure you want to remove the attachment because THERE IS NO COMING BACK ONCE YOU DO THIS.

Don’t use if you have nut allergies, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. It is not recommended if you are not completely sure you want to feel nothing for this person anymore

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