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Beautiful Amazonite Heart 90Grams

Beautiful Amazonite Heart 90Grams

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Beautiful Amazonite Heart

☾ For people: who want to amplify the power of an affirmation, who have a heavy heart, who want to lower their barriers and open up to others, allow themselves to express their emotions, soothe your anxieties.

Often used for: Trust, Openness, and Clarity

Amazonite invites you to release your emotions and accompanies you in the discovery of your inner Self.

This powerful crystal helps hypersensitive people to cope with the emotions that pollute them. 

Amazonite takes you out of your state of fear and worry and guides you to the Light.

The polished heart format allows you to place the stone on your altar to manifest, under your pillow or on you during the day.

Active chakra: Heart, Throat.
Balances the signs: Aries, Virgo, Pisces, Taurus.
To purify your stone: pass it under white water or fumigation with a sage stick for example. ONLY SOME TYPES OF STONES SHOULD BE PLACED IN WATER. 
To recharge your stone: place the stone on a druse or a geode of amethyst or quartz, on a flower of life, light of the Full Moon.

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