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Zenful Zodiac

Agate Heart

Agate Heart

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Emotional Balancing Agate Heart


Agate is linked to bright ideas and positive thinking.

This crystal symbolizes harmony and rebalance so you feel an improvement in concentration and analytical abilities.

The soothing power of agate allows you to feel calm and safe wherever you are.

The amazing crystal promotes self-acceptance and encourages confidence.

Agate can help you overcome negativity and bitterness


Affirmation: I am peaceful and positive. I am in control of my emotions

  • Crystal Mineral(s): Agate
  • Shape: Heart
  • Surface: Polished


  • Intentions: Protection, Stability, Strength
  • Chakra: Root
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Elements: Earth
  • Root Charka:  It is the foundation of our bodies and souls

 Keywords: Crystals for depression, crystals for sadness, crystals for ADHD, Natural ways to calm anxiety

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