Shipping policy

At Zenful Zodiac, We strive to provide excellent service which includes the security of shipping your packages. we have opted to provide you with multiple options for shipping your order that provides tracking numbers to ensure that you can monitor your shipment as it travels to your doorstep.

We have elected to use the most affordable shipping prices through priority mail. Because the products are handcrafted, it can take up to 3 weeks to be shipped out. If you need something in your order sent earlier, please email. We can pull your order and make it a priority. Delivery can range from 15-30 business days depending on our inventory and your proximity (does not deliver on Sundays or holidays) and has no specific guaranteed delivery time.

Should you run into any tracking issues, Please contact usps at If you did not receive your package you may file a complaint report with them directly. In some cases, We may elect to use a shipping method which requires a signature upon receipt, Based on the total value of your order. If you want to ensure that we ship your package with tracking confirmation to your door, You may make a direct request with customer service at