About The CEO


Hello Beautiful Soul!

So you want to know about me... I'll say, it is a story that is hard to tell.

I had been abused so severely for 17 years, but there was a certain significance to being  spiritually abused. I was made to believe I was not worthy of God. "The destroyer of all the good" is what I was called many times in the day. I always strongly believed in God, but I was made to believe I was not good enough. Abuse is funny, looking back, it doesn't make sense why I would believe the things, but this stuff changes your brain chemistry. What I didn't understand is, I had been such a kind and good person, but I felt like none of my prayers were answered, and I was not protected from my husband by the merciful God. I finally found the courage to divorce. Why did all this have to happen? I wanted answers. I was a good person, I tried hard, I was kind and giving. But the Karma train never seemed to stop at my door. I became obsessed with astrology during my this time to find answers. I was surprised to find them.

I am a Pisces. I go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around me, emotionally I am deep and very sensitive, gracious, I am really caring and really kind. I lacked boundaries, and I learned that in my chart these areas where addressed as things I needed to work on.

Our birth chart is a blueprint to our life.  Learning about yourself and why you are the way you are really gives clarification on life. 

I found a deeper connection to myself, my higher self, direct connection to Spirit, my Spirit Team, and my place in the Universe. I found my value with God that had been taken from me. While it may no longer look the same as it once did, it is deeper, closer and much more personal now to the higher power, God, Source, Universe.  I know that each of us are a creator and the manifester of the life we desire.  

I hope this site, these products bring you what you need as you walk on your spiritual path. We work hard to bring you the finest products. But please remember, magic is not only about the products you buy, but the intentions you put into it!


Audney Darrah



If you are on your spiritual path, you know by law, we must say we sell our products as curio.  We stand by our products and know you will too.