Our Back Story & Our Future

One Morning, when nothing special was happening, she was thinking about where her life path was taking her. The words Zenful Zodiac came to her mind, her heart was a little nervous for no reason, and in her gut, she just knew this was the life path that was meant for her.  

Not knowing what the heck she was doing, how it would be financed, she followed her spirit team's guidance to start her own company. Audney bought the domain and began learning how to open her own business. She knew she only wanted high-end quality products, where no corners are taken, a brand that people can grow to trust.

She also wanted to create a workplace where people love to work at. A working environment that creates a healthy living wage, encourages a strong work-life balance.

We will help, we will serve, we will heal with love in our hearts and peace in our souls. We are a collective that is one energy. We are here to learn how to manipulate energy and create a better earth. So go! Create manifest! Enjoy life!


Audney Darrah, is a Pisces and loves people, healing, and all things mystical.



This is how Zenful Zodiac found its creation.