Collection: SPELL WORK

Spell work can be a beautiful thing. Setting your intentions and telling the universe exactly what you want is how you manifest the life you deserve. 

With our spell jars, you get a two in one combo. A regular working spell jar and a travel spell jar. 

Few practitioners allow you to send in DNA and other personal items to be placed in your jar. Email us and we will give you instructions on how to Properly pack and mail us bodily fluids and DNA to be used in your spell work. 🩸

You can choose

Add DNA to kick start and super charge your work

To let us work this weekly

Leave it for a month at a time on our alter

Lastly, we can do all three if you like.  

Or you can order the jar and we will create it with the purest intentions and mail it for you. 


Lower vibrational Jars are only prepped and mailed they are not sealed or worked. They are potent. Energy is transferable. So while we will make a kick ass break up, shut up, or bad luck jar, does not mean we will send it with our energy or that it will he forever sealed.