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Oils and Properties

Love Money and Health are the first things people tend to think of when they think of manifestation. Intention is almost everything, but there are certain spices, herbs and oils that attract and aid you in your desires. 
If you have an emotional block concerning the lack of money and wealth, these essential oils can be used to manifest wealth and prosperity.


  • Cinnamon Bark – This oil has long been considered the oil of wealth. Supports a prosperity mindset.  Use this essential oil to help encourage financial gains and invite money to find you.
  • Clove – encourages a positive mindset surrounding wealth. Use to help attract luck and prosperity. 
  • Frankincense – This oil has long been used for uplifting the mood and relaxation. In ancient times, only the richest possessed frankincense.  It was and still is the anointing oil.
  • Ginger – This essential oil is believed to magnify the law of attraction.
  • Myrrh – Used for over 5000 years, myrrh can open the mind to receiving gifts. This oil is mentioned in the bible among the wealthy. 
  • Orange – This is a very relaxing essential oil. Orange can bring joy, peace, and happiness.
  • Patchouli – This essential oil is used in many perfumes for attraction. In the past, people possessing this essential oil were considered rich.  Use to energize the mind.
  • Spruce – The vibrational frequency of this essential oil is believed to be able to release mental blocks to prosperity and wealth.

Attunement is a way of “tuning in” to your mind, body, and spirit using nothing more than essential oils and your senses.  This is a great way of achieving a proper state of meditation. 

  • Clary Sage – This essential oil has been used by ancient people and is said to contain the wisdom of the sages. Use clary sage to strengthen your spirit and balance your chakras.
  • Grapefruit – Well known for its refreshing and stimulating qualities. Grapefruit is excellent at providing an uplifting and reviving effect. Can help relieve nervous exhaustion and assist in achieving attunement.     
  • Peppermint – This is an excellent oil to promote clarity and help energize the brain.
  • Sandalwood – connects us to our elemental sense of being. Use to enhance prayer and meditation.
  • Ylang Ylang – fosters feelings of peace, joy, relaxation, and love. These properties can help achieve greater spiritual attunement.  Suggest when purchasing Ylang Ylang, for the best aroma, be sure to get Ylang Ylang Extra.
Awakening 15 magical properties of essential oils

These essential oils can help awaken and enhance your inner self-awareness so that you can reach your highest potential possible.  These essential oils can be used to enhance meditation and visualization, and to help manifest your goals. 

  • Eucalyptus – Use to provide you with a new and positive perspective.
  • Frankincense – This essential oil can help you to open your third eye and get in touch with your intuition. Use Frankincense to release lower vibrations and reveal your inner truth.
  • Jasmine – use this essential oil to release inhibitions and liberate your imagination. Of all the essential oils, jasmine can alter your mood the most. 
  • Lemon – This bottle of sunshine is a good oil to help cut yourself from the old ways of thinking and feeling. Awaken your “inner self”
  • Mandarin – One of the best essential oils for getting in touch with your “inner child”. Mandarin can help you connect with like-minded souls.
  • Rosemary – This essential oil can help you find your true knowledge of your “self”. Known as the essential oil of knowledge and transition.  Rosemary can help get rid of negative energy.
  • Sandalwood – has long been used in Buddhist temples for its meditative properties. Use Sandalwood to seek greater awareness and expand your consciousness or to have peace of mind.
Cleansing 15 magical properties of essential oils

These essential oils can be used to help banish your body from negative vibrations and feelings.  Some people may wish to use these oils to cleanse and protect items or to even cleanse a home. 

  • Amber – Used for cleansing, protection, and purification. Amber is a great choice for clearing the mind and releasing built-up negative energies.
  • Juniper Berry – Juniper has long been believed to have the power to ward off evil and protect one from negative energies. Juniper berries are used to cleanse spaces and magical tools.
  • Cedarwood – This essential oil has been used to remove hexes and purify spaces. Cedarwood can be used as an aid to keep negative energies and spirits away.
  • Eucalyptus – Believed by many to have cleansing, healing, and protective powers, negative energies disappear in the place where the powerful aroma of eucalyptus is being dispersed.
  • Lavender – Used in your home, lavender can bring peace, joy, and healing. Lavender is extremely popular to use in purifying baths.
  • Tea Tree – Has been used in cleansing and protection spells, to dispel dark entities, and to protect items or spaces. Tea tree oil holds the positive energies of protection and purification.  For a more detailed discussion on the magical properties of tea tree, check out our article “What Are The Magical Properties of Tea Tree?
  • White sage – Used by many cultures, sage, and white sage specifically, is considered the best essential oil for clearing a space of negative energy.  Can be difficult to find a good-smelling pure white sage.  At this time, we don’t have a good recommendation. 
Comfort for 15 magical properties of essential oils

For centuries, people have looked for various ways of bringing comfort to their lives.  Aromas have always brought comfort to people.  Perhaps it is the smell of an old book, the smell of leather, the aroma of Christmas cookies, the smell of flowers, or the wonderful fragrance of pine trees in the forest.  Here are a few aromas that have been used for centuries in magic, rituals, or around the home to bring a little comfort.

  • Frankincense – This has been used for thousands of years in everything from religious ceremonies to perfumes and was more valuable than gold. Using this essential oil can bring a beautiful feeling of peace and tranquility.  Use Frankincense to help calm the mind during times of uneasiness and worry.
  •     Cypress – This essential oil can be used for easing grief and finding comfort in times of loss. Because of these properties, cypress trees are often found near cemeteries. 
  • Geranium – This essential oil has a soft, sweet, rose-like aroma. Geranium essential oil is found in many bath and body products because of the exceptional comforting qualities found in this flower.  It resonates with mother earth and should always be used with great respect.
  • Jasmine – Regarded as one of the most mystical of all flowers, for many people, the essence of jasmine brings comfort and love. Jasmine symbolizes purity and grace
  • Lavender – For centuries people have been aware of the comforting and antidepressant qualities of lavender. Used in your home, lavender can bring peace, happiness, joy, and healing.
  • Rose Absolute – Bring the essence of a rose garden into your home and smell the stress melt away. Rose Absolute essential oil has a loving and calming effect that can help balance emotions.  Keep in mind that this essential oil can also be quite pricey.
  • Sandalwood – This is a sacred wood that is used in many spiritual and religious traditions. Use sandalwood to embrace yourself in comfort and well-being.
  • Sweet Orange – Extremely uplifting and revitalizing, sweet orange is used to achieve a wonderful sense of comfort. Many people believe that sweet orange is incredibly magical.
Cooperation 15 magical properties of essential oils

Looking to get yourself, someone else, or something else to cooperate?   

  • Grapefruit – Originally named the forbidden fruit. In magical circles, grapefruit has cooperative, joyful, and uplifting qualities. Use grapefruit to energize your subconscious connections to get others to cooperate with you.  Grapefruit also allows us to cooperate with the shedding of ego.  You can also use this essential oil to increase your focus.

Sometimes our creative juices just seem to dry up.  Need a little something to help inspire a little creative activity? 

  • Clary Sage – The essential oil of clarity and vision. Use clary sage to balance your creativity and open your intuitive pathways.    
  • Eucalyptus – In magical circles, eucalyptus has a long history of lore in being able to invigorate the mind and body. Relax and cleanse your mind to bring out that creative side.
  • Frankincense – There is scientific evidence that frankincense may have the ability to regulate emotions such as anxiety and depression. Usually, frankincense is used as a purifier – thus used in many religious ceremonies.  Because this essential oil can calm and soothe the soul, it is an excellent essential oil for inspiring creativity. 
  • Jasmine – In some rituals keeping quartz crystals and the jasmine herb together can promote new creative thoughts. Allow the powerful magic of jasmine essential oil to flood your mind with the creativity that is lurking just below the surface.
  • Mandarin – This essential oil seems to go hand in hand with creativity. Mandarin essential oil helps create a soothing and uplifting atmosphere that is conducive to creativity.  Mandarin has the magical properties of generating inspiration and can assist in your awakening.  And finally, mandarin is one of the angelic fragrances.
  • Peppermint – Known as the oil of concentration, the aroma of peppermint will allow you to let go of your inhibitions and allow you to concentrate at hand. Breathe in this essential oil and allow yourself to be inspired.  If you are lacking in motivation, use this essential oil to get those creative juices flowing.
  • Rosemary – The incredible energetic signature of rosemary is creativity and remembrance. By infusing the magic of rosemary into your daily life, you can allow her to balance the flow of your thoughts and creativity.   
Divination for 15 magical properties of essential oils

Use these essential oils during your meditations and rituals when you are seeking information or hidden truths.  Use these essential oils to assist you in getting into the proper receptive state.  They will help you set the mood and create a relaxing environment so you can open yourself up mentally and emotionally. 

  • Broom – This lesser-known absolute essential oil comes from the flowers of the broom shrub. Traditional rituals with broom absolute include rituals for divination, protection, purifying, and weather working.  Note:  We have not tried this essential oil, so we can not make any brand recommendations.
  • Camphor – Use this essential oil to increase psychic awareness, and divination rituals. Often, when used for divination, camphor wood and anise seeds are burned as incense.
  • Cedarwood – This is a favorite essential oil when creating charms and spells to create clarity during divination practices. This essential oil can also be used in rituals for healing and protection.
  • Clove – historically, linked to healing and protection, burning clove incense or creating an infusion has also been used in divination rituals and spells.
  • Juniper Berries – All sorts of magical properties have been ascribed to this tree / essential oil, including the ability to enhance divination spells and psychic abilities.
  • Lilac – The color purple inspires psychic awareness. It is used to enhance divination practices and to strengthen your insight.  Used as a spiritual aid, lilac is an excellent choice for divination and scrying rituals and is sometimes used in combination with a crystal ball.  Be careful when ordering this essential oil since the aroma can easily be made using synthetic chemicals.  Make sure it is an essential oil and not a fragrance oil.  Fragrance oil uses synthetic chemicals that have no therapeutic value.
  • Orange – Oranges are a fruit of many blessings and are believed to be associated with many magical qualities. Oranges have been used for divination and have been linked to increasing your intuition. 
  • Sandalwood – For centuries, sandalwood has been associated with clairvoyance and divination. Buddhists believe that sandalwood can grant a sense of awareness and awaken divine thoughts.  Sandalwood can promote a deep meditative state.
Dreams for 15 magical properties of essential oils

Dreams can be stimulated by external sources or anything that impacts our emotional state, including smell.  Use essential oils to promote positive dreams or to try and influence your dreams through lucid dreaming.  Research has linked the following essential oils to better sleep and better dream recall.  These essential oils may also be able to help you create vivid and powerful dreams.

For a more detailed discussion about the dream properties of essential oils, check out our article “Magical Dream Properties Of 17 Essential Oils“.

  • Clary Sage – With its calmative and relaxing powers, expect the astral freedom of colorful dreams to fill your night.   
  • Jasmine – To have pleasant dreams, you need to have a deep, restful sleep. There have been multiple sleep studies that have shown that jasmine is nearly as effective as a sleep aid compared to conventional sleep aids. 
  • Kava kava – This essential oil derived from a root can reduce anxiety. Since a lot of insomnia is caused by anxiety, this essential oil can help give you a good night’s sleep, which in turn, promotes a quality dream state.  Note: This essential oil can be very difficult to obtain.
  • Lavender – The most famous essential oil for assisting one to sleep, this essential oil can help produce a perfectly calm and relaxing environment. Use this essential oil to help put a positive spin on your dreams.
  • Mugwort – This should be the primary essential oil when considering dream work. This essential oil can assist you to have a full night’s sleep.  Mugwort can also help you enhance your dream recall and to increase the intensity of your dreams.  For those who only dream in black and white, it has been reported that mugwort can assist you to recall your dreams in color.
  • Rose Absolute – Studies have shown that the rich floral scent of this essential oil and its calming properties can help relax the mind before you go to sleep.



Do you find yourself in a situation where you may feel a little scared or uneasy?  Conquer your fears and you can accomplish anything. 

For some people, these essential oils have been used to inspire confidence and courage.  Fear is normal but if you find yourself having an abnormal amount of fear, some of these essential oils may be able to lower your level of fear.  Just smelling one or more of these essential oils may provide you with a sense of calmness, safety, and peace.

  • Chamomile – Use this essential oil to turn negative energy into positive energy. This essential oil can provide a calming effect on most people.  In the magical community, chamomile is typically used as a home remedy for illnesses of the mind and body.
  • Frankincense – A sacred oil used for anointing objects. Some people find that Frankincense has a calming effect that can help reduce fear.  Being a strong purifier, this essential oil is used in purification rituals, blessings, and exorcisms.
  • Lavender – For thousands of years, people have used lavender to reduce anxiety. Actual studies confirm the herbaceous floral scent can benefit people suffering from anxiety.  It is believed that lavender essential oil may activate the parasympathetic nervous system.  By reducing your anxiety, you can reduce your fear.  
  • Rosemary – As far as folklore goes; rosemary is one of the most important old-world magical herbs. It is believed that rosemary has spiritual powers of protection.  A ritual bath of rosemary is said to remove any lingering worries and to help invigorate the spirit.
  • Ylang Ylang – When it comes to the magical properties of ylang ylang, think of peace and relaxation. Many people believe that ylang ylang can melt away fear and anxiety.  Use this essential oil to turn off feelings of fear and anger.  Can be used in reconciliation spells.
Happiness for 15 magical properties of essential oils

During troubling times, certain essential oils can be used as a powerful supportive tool to help cultivate happiness.  Essential oils can stimulate the limbic system which helps to regulate our emotional experiences.  Some essential oils can cause the brain to release serotonin, which can help reduce anxiety and increase happiness.  Use daily to exercise your “happiness” muscles.

  • Clary Sage – Use this essential oil to help induce euphoria. It is believed that clary sage can circulate and strengthen qi (chi) energy that is not moving and has become imbalanced. Balancing your qi energy promotes health and harmony. In magic circles, clary sage is the most well-known aphrodisiac.
  • Jasmine – The beautiful and powerful scent of this essential oil is used extensively in magical circles. Yellow jasmine is a sign of happiness.  Use jasmine to enhance spells meant to increase happiness.  Use this essential oil to make your world a little brighter by dispelling those negative energies and any depression that might be nagging at the back of your mind.   
  • Lemon – This is the top-selling essential oil, and for good reason. This essential oil can help calm and soothe the mind and body.  No wonder it is found in many household cleaning products.  In magic circles, lemon is used to absorb negative energy.  Washing down the floors and walls of a room can help rinse away draining vibration that may be negatively impacting you. 
  • Marjoram – This essential oil can be used to help promote love and happiness and to strengthen relationships. Use marjoram to promote spiritual bliss and to make a connection to the divine.  For those who may be grief-stricken or depressed, marjoram is meant to restore happiness.
  • Patchouli – This essential oil is often used in various ritual spells and cleansings. If you are feeling depressed, use patchouli to help integrate your energies into something positive.  Use this essential oil to help move on from a painful past.  This essential oil is frequently combined with other essential oils to achieve its full potential.
Inner Vision
inner vision for 15 magical properties of essential oils

Use these essential oils to help you reach the deeper levels of yourselves and help create a peaceful experience within yourself.  Help break down the walls that keep you from enjoying the gift of imagination.  Used during prayer, meditation, or rituals, use these essential oils to uplift your inner spirit and to help attract higher vibrational energies.  Control your inner vision and only visualize what you intend and watch your life change by your will.

  • Clary Sage – Use this essential oil to help achieve a clear mental vision. Clary sage essential oil is considered the bestower of clear wisdom.  Science shows us that clary sage contains calming, sedating esters, alcohols, and monoterpene compounds that can provide balancing and uplifting benefits.  Use this essential oil to help induce trances, dreams, and visions.  The ancients knew what they were doing. 
  • Jasmine – Some call jasmine the “King Of Essential Oils” and others refer to it as the “Queen Of The Night”. Some will use this essential oil during meditation to alter their consciousness and prepare the mind for psychic, and prophetic ventures. 
  • Peppermint – A favorite of witches the world over, peppermint has many uses in the occult world. Use peppermint to enlighten your emotional and spiritual journeys.  Use to help clear your mind of unsettling thoughts all help you connect with your inner vision.
  • Roman Chamomile – Using chamomile magic is only limited by your imagination and inspiration. With its light and pleasant aroma, this essential oil invites relaxation and cleanses the area of negative energy. 
  • Sandalwood – This aromatic wood is often found in modern pagan rituals and is often associated with purification and healing. Buddhists believe sandalwood allows the mind to wander off during meditations and allows your inner visions to become more pronounced. 
Intuition (psychic)

Sometimes you have a hunch about something that turns out to be true.  How would you like to be able to fine-tune that ability?  These types of hunches have to do with your third eye.  The more you can open your third eye, the more your intuition will grow.  Opening your third eye is a process that requires hard work.  Essential oils used for inner vision and intuition can usually overlap since these abilities are similar.  Use the following essential oils to help you open up your third eye and increase your intuition and psychic abilities. 

  • Cedarwood – In Britain, it was believed that cedarwood can be used to prophesize the death of a family member. In Celtic Astrology, cedarwood is considered a sacred tree.  Druids associated this tree with the tree of life.  Cedarwood can be used to ward off negative energies that may be blocking your psychic abilities.
  • Roman Chamomile – Mix roman chamomile with mugwort to augment prophetic rituals.
  • Clary Sage – Use clary sage to make an enhancing wash for scrying mirrors and scrying stones.
  • Frankincense – Amongst its many uses, ancient Egyptians used Frankincense to give them access to the upper spheres. Use Frankincense to help stimulate awareness and remove negative vibrations.  Use to attract peace and harmony.
  • Jasmine – Similar to controlling your inner vision, use jasmine to open your mind and enhance your innate prophetic and psychic abilities.
  • Lavender – The specific energy of lavender can inspire psychic activities.
  • Peppermint – Invite positive energy and raise awareness when developing your psychic ability. Peppermint can uplift and soothe your spirit and help to loosen up any energy blocks you may have. 
Protection for 15 magical properties of essential oils

Grounding and protecting yourself allows you to claim your personal spiritual space and prevent negative energy from entering your space. 

  • Sandalwood – Considered holy incense, it was quickly discovered that sandalwood was never attacked by termites, which led to its reputation of having protective properties. Spreading the aroma around the home can help remove negative energies. 
  • Juniper – Often used to keep away malevolent witches and evil spirits. Juniper and juniper berries have been used to ward off the “evil eye” and curses. 
  • Lavender – If you feel that someone carrying negative energy has entered your home, purify your space with the cleansing properties of lavender. You can also carry lavender with you or on your to help keep those negative energies at bay.
  • Sage – Sage is known as one of the most powerful and beneficial herbs used to cleanse and purify a space of negative energies. Ancients believed sage was beneficial against any type of evil.  American shamans use sage to cleanse negative energies and purify a space.  Note:  At this time, I have not found a reliable source for this essential oil.
Spiritualism for 15 magical properties of essential oils

If you believe contact can be made with loved ones after they have passed to the other side, you may find some of these essential oils of interest.  Also, some believe that a spiritual protection practice should be performed daily.   Here are a few of the many essential oils that spiritualists use to assist with their tasks. 

  • Cedarwood – Often used during rituals and invocations to summon helpful spirits.
  • Cinnamon – This is one of the most common scents used in spell work. Cinnamon can be traced back to the earliest recorded religious rituals. Use this essential oil to help protect you from spiritual attacks and dispel negativity.   It is known in magic circles to help raise the spiritual vibrations of a room.
  • Jasmine – In Persia, this flower was known as ‘Yasmin” which means “Gift From God”. Use to invoke angelic powers or as an offering to the fairies.  Use to promote spiritual love and desire.
  • Lavender – Use to ward off evil spirits and to remove harmful energies from your home.
  • mugwort – This is another one that has long been used for protection against evil spirits. Mugwort can help remove those nasty little reminders of a dreadful past.
  • Rosemary – create a smudge bundle to ward off negative energies. Can be used to anoint your tools used for rituals and meditations.  There are many dozens of spells that incorporate this important herb. 
  • Yarrow – When diving into the spirit world, use yarrow as an added protection and to heighten your experience.






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