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Easy & Discreet Money Magic



On the first of each month, a full moon or a new moon- these are just easy days to remember, but really you can do this at any time:


Sweep your front porch. Sweep all the dust and debris away. Focus your intention on sweeping away the negativity from your home.


 Take a handful of salt and bless it and pray over it to protect your home. Place it along your door step in a line. Place your hand on your doorway. Pray for the home to bring you positive energy, wisdom, and opportunities.

Next, take ground cinnamon into your hand. Please the cinnamon and activate it to attract exactly what you want or need to come into your life, such as a better job a increased financial wealth.

Add another handful of ground cloves into the palm of your hand. Bless and activate this. Pray over it to protect your finances of you and everyone within your home. Pray for it protect your financial decisions and to bring speed to your monetary increase.

Stand outside the door looking in. Blow this mixture of cinnamon and cloves into the door of the home.

SHOW GRATTITUDE! SAY THANK YOU! FEEL EXCITED! The money will be attracted to these energies.

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